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Ryohei Mori

 Welcome to our website! My name is Ryohei Mori and I am the GS Lab Director. As an enterprise, we undertake research in several fields, mainly the environment and energy, to provide results that can contribute to the global environment. In general, we carry out research in the following four fields: next-generation energy, next-generation batteries, biodegradable plastic materials, and nanotechnology. Based on my experience, I strongly believe that in order to bring real leading-edge world research into practical use more efficiently, it is essential for our performance that I, as the director, should understand the content of the leading research myself. Accordingly, while performing the role of the director, I also take the lead in various research projects. There are two purposes in setting up this website. One is to share the content of our research with as many people as possible. For this purpose, everything is displayed on the website, except for the work that is currently in progress. I trust that you will be able to put the research results to use when developing new products for your company. A second purpose is to resolve the doubts that many enterprises have regarding research. When new products are under development, the accompanying technology research plays a main part in the development. I expect that many cases will be settled in-house, but I also expect that some cases will encounter problems where results are wanted quickly but there is a lack of resources. We hope to resolve these kinds of cases. It is also possible to seek help from university research facilities; however, their finalization of all aspects of the business tends to take a long time. By contrast, our company as a private enterprise will make the maximum effort to provide prompt services to all customers. In addition, I am adept at English (with currently minimal experience with Chinese, German, and other languages), and we are gradually extending our networks in each of the fields within the environment and energy, as our company develops overseas. Depending on each company’s business and products under research development, there may be a possibility of our cooperating in that direction too, if needed. The fact that you have read this far likely indicates that you have some interest in our services. We would be very glad to be of use to you in any of these research fields.

Company profile

Company name GS Alliance (Fuji Pigment Co., Ltd.)
Location 2-22-11, Ohana, Kawanishi City, Hyogo Prefecture. Zip code 666-0015
TEL 072-759-8543072-759-8501
FAX 072-759-9008
Director Doctor of Engineering,
Established 2007
Business Research and development of leading-edge materials for the environment and energy fields. Manufacturing and sales