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GS Lab will respect the privacy of the personal information received from those using the website. GS Lab will ensure the protection of users’ rights by observing Japanese laws and regulations, and will handle personal information with due care by following the policy below.

1. Personal information
Personal information is mainly what is shown below that allows an individual to be identified.

1. Name, date of birth, gender, employment, telephone no., home address, email address, and other.
2. Personal ID no., password, and other
3. Information easily matched with other information and thus enabling a specific individual to be identified.

2. Purpose of collecting and using personal Information
There are cases where GS Lab requires users’ personal information to the degree that is needed, when the user requests materials from this group of companies or makes queries. This personal information is used for the following purposes.

1. In order to respond accurately to user requests for the products of this group of companies
2. To supply services or related information

If users’ personal information is received for any other reason, prior notification will be given.

3. Disclosing information to third parties
Users’ personal information supplied to GS Lab will not be disclosed or supplied to any third parties apart from any of the following cases.

1. It is necessary to disclose personal information within this group of companies or related companies or agencies in order to give an appropriate reply to enquiries.
2. It is necessary to disclose personal information to subcontractors or to business partners within the scope of the purposes of use stated in advance.
3. The user’s consent has been obtained.
4. The information was sought accordingly to the laws and regulations.

4. Safety measures
The users’ information will be appropriately managed under the chief administrator. Efforts will be taken to protect personal information by the expected rational and appropriate policies put in place to prevent information leakage from the system, improper access from outsiders, and unauthorized alterations.

5. Cookies
Cookies may be used on this website to understand how visitors navigate the site and to improve the user’s experience.
In these cases, even if the user’s computer or browser is sensed, no information allowing identification of the individual will be obtained, apart from the personal information entered by the users themselves.

6. Confirmation, correction, deletion, and addition of personal information by the users themselves
If there is a request from the user to GS Lab to confirm, correct, delete, or add to the user’s personal information managed by GS Lab, following confirmation that the request comes from the user, the request will be implemented.

7. Inquiry about this page
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TEL : +81 072-759-8543

The handling of personal information may be changed as appropriate.