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Perovskite Solar Cell

Perovskite Solar Cell

Recently, serious problem has been paying attention regarding energy and environmental issue in global level.

One of the possibility to solve this problem is solar cell which utilizes solar energy into electricity.

The type of solar cell can be classified as 6 kinds. Silicon base, chemical compound type, dye sensitized solar cell, organic polymer base, quantum dot solar cell, perovskite solar cell… Among them, dye sensitized solar cell and perovskite solar cell have been focused due to its cheap and easy manufacturing process and material cost.

In addition, for example, TiO 2 film as the anode electrode for dye sensitized solar cell and perovskite solar cell, its film morphology, electric structure and surface states etc… influences much to the state of prepared TiO 2 film and eventually light to electricity energy conversion efficiency. That is why we focus on researching on TiO 2 paste, oxide paste (as n-type semiconductor or p-type semiconductor), conductive carbon ink, carbon nanotube ink for counter electrode and Methyl Ammonium Iodide (MAI) as the precursor of perovskite.

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