Outsourcing research services, manufacturing, and sales

Outsourcing research services, manufacturing, and sales

We at GS Lab originally researched subjects in which we had a high level of interest. Subsequently, when other enterprises found it difficult to conduct basic research in-house, as they lacked the resources for performing the research, we began to offer contract research services as a solution. We naturally advanced to conducting short-run manufacturing and sales as well as commissioned research. We can also consider large-scale productions if required. Under the leadership of Ryohei Mori, the GS Lab Director, we welcome commissions to do research. The most important aspect of research is to produce research results. Enterprises outsourcing research normally conduct collaborative research with a university, but outsourcing research to a general enterprise should be seriously considered too. Even if the research subject is a difficult one, our services include investigation into the existing research background and whether it is possible to carry the research subject through to commercialization. On the other hand, if difficulties remain, we will make every effort to explain why.

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For businesses working in development research

Since its founding, GS Lab has carried out research in various subject fields, mainly the environment and energy, with beneficial environmental effects on a global scale. GS Lab set up this business, hoping to contribute its excellent research skills, cultivated through extensive research experiences, to other enterprises. It might be usual for collaborative research and research-outsourcing businesses to work with universities and graduate school laboratories. In fact, there are a number of examples where working in such industry-university collaboration produces results. However, we take responsibility for outsourced research as an enterprise ourselves. You are welcome to speak with GS Lab about research subjects that will play a basic role in your company’s future.